Brother Ed Johnson
Katherine Sizemore
Debra Lawson
Keith & Kristy Arnold & Family
Marie Barbarosa
Kyle, Allison, & Dean Ferguson
Jared & Julia Hicks
Charlie & Dinah Lipe & Family
Amy Jolene Lawson
Ron & Kathy Carter & Family
Stephen Johnson
James Morrison Smith & Family
Harley Hilton
Gina & Ronald Green
Lynda & Chad Carter
Kelly Barnette
Rebecca Barnette
Bobby Duty
Mike & Sue German
Shannon Davis
Roger & Sarah Dykes & Family
Sarah Dykes
Larry Dale Dykes
Karen Dykes
Butch White
Jake Robinson
Jamie Robinson
Connie Robinson
Teresa Lawson
Travis & Melanie Lawson & Family
Alice & Wayne Carr
Shawn Price
Danny Collier
Scott Barnes
Doug Green
Deanna & Harold Morrison & Family
Ryan Richardson
Donna Blankenship
Scott & Margaret Mauk & Family
Linda Ferguson & Family
Peggy & Beecher Johnson
Morgan & Shelby Johnson
Moe Locke & Family
Earl & Kim Lawson & Family
Gary & Christian Lawson
Doc & Brenda Hensley & Family
Vicky Cardwell Carter
Melinda & Derek Flanigan
Heather Deskins & Malory Fobber
Jimi Brooks & Family
Carter Sabins
Gina Davenport
Kenneth Ramey
Cam Peavler and Family
Haley White (child with cancer, needs prayer desperately)
Eileen Eidson
Taylor Barker
Cherie Lunsford
Debbie Wilder and Father Curtis
Ruth Lawson
Randall & Pam Collier & Family
Michelle Dean
Jennifer & Kris King & Family
Rachel Stokes Portillo
Carol Ratliff
Haide Goldsmith
Alan Bennett
Shantell Amanda Bogle
Jeff Skelton
Andy & Jamie Day Cox, Preston, Andrew, & Jasmine Cox
Rosemary Day
Gerry Day & Family
Debi Dougherty-Shutek & Family
Steve Vest
Ronnie, Deronda, & Jason Christian
Ed, Chris, & Preston Barnette
Amber, Phillip, & Emma Brown
Randall Holloway
Darrin Hatchett & Family
David Stokes & Tosha Dykes and Family
Margaret Smith & Family
Billy Dorton & Family
Molena Dowell & Family
Robert W. Hughes & Family
Mike Faulk & Family
Sam & Ellie Rodriguez and their Ministry
Mickey Wilcox, Family & Ministry
James and Joanie Deanj & Family
Todd Ross & Family
Sarah Lee Davis & Family
Joe & Michelle Frazier & Family (lost everything in a house fire)
Ivan & Teri Ramey
Mark & Tammy Beverly
Steve Minor
Sharon Richards
Gracie McNally
Weston Keeton
Sheila Wise
Amanda Fields Pierson
Micheal & Kelly Kelly
Rachel Stokes Portillo
Randall Smith
Tabitha Collins
Dean Bickel
Alicia & Dewayne Gilliam & Children Abby, Caleb, & Mattie
Don, Tina, & Nicole Guiles
Fred Hill
David Fletcher
Jimmy Kidd
Leroy & Delois Lawson
Shannon Roller
Mandy Roller
Wendy, Roger, Alexis, and Taylor Hagood
Nikki Lawson
Missy Lawson Williams
Delana Dishner
Carolynn Pothress Elder
Amy Couch Williams
Lisa Livesay Frith
Devonia Dykes Cochran
Sharon Jones
Greta Jones Penny
Tina and Patrick Sims
Crystal Roseann Parrot Roberts & Family
Devin Michelle Lawley, daughter Alana, and baby Noah
Tiffany, Shannon, & Ein Raley
Travis Davidson 
Trevor Burton
Amanda Dykes
Billy Dykes
Randy Hensley
Mark Mahoney
Reggie & Amanda Evans & Family
Mike Seals & mother Brenda
Dennis Halsey
James & Joanie Deanj
Carrie Rimer & Family
Robin Rogers
Alexi Reabal
Robert Reabal
Tonya Reabal
Donnie Reabal
Roberta Lawson
Jerry & Judy Lane
John Fields
Duthia Klepper
Amanda Roller Cradic "Mandy"
Eric Cradic
Stacey Wallen
Patricia Ledbetter
Michelle Pendleton
Michelle Risner Trent
Morgan Holder
Ricky Campbell
Amanda Mabe
Lori Davis
Fawn Pyne
Ashley Christian
Ashley Delph
Amber Cinnamon Gibson

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My Father's House
3010 Hwy 11W
Surgoinsville, TN
Ailsie Gilliam-Shanks
Brad Morelock
Powell, Heather, Nathaniel, and Cheyenne Smith
Jimmy & Jean Smith
Charles & Shirley Smith
Banner & Rebecca Skeens
John Armstrong
Megan Carver
Jason, Kristen, Jonathan, and Kaleb Miller
Devan Williamson
Aaron Alvis
Amy Chapman
Georgianna Johnson
Cody Bradley
Daniel Jessee
Brad, Tracy, Nick, Jenna, Samuel & Elijah Lawson
Terry & Eldora Chappel
Jackie, Renae, Levi, Harley, & Montana Smith
Ulias & Ula Brown
David, Kristy, Cordell, & Macey Henry
Danny Henry
Linn Sorrell
Ralph Smith
David & Mary Ann Smith
Dan & Shirley Brown
Jesse Brown
Jason Sims & Family
Hawkins County Sheriff's Department
Hawkins County Inmates
Hawkins County
Richard Hinan and Family
Mike & Kathy Barton
Jason & Jessica Barton
Johnny Grills
Devan Miller
Rose Davis and family
JaLana Hickman Way and family
Patrick Chess
Tina Sims
Brittany Oaks
Tony Oaks
Dave Stanley
Travis Davis
Forrest Templeton
Jeff Chess
Isaac Ringley
Kim Phillips
Robert Helton
Freddie Castle
Travis Knox
Wendy Huckaby & Family
Isaac McLain
Brain McLain
Tucker McLain
Raymond McLain
Tina Sims
Wendy, Roger, Alexis, and Taylor Hagood
Brandie Roberts
Brian Bledsoe
Austin & Blake Justice
Jimmy & Jean Smith
Tony Messick
Vickie White
Lisa Linkous
Melanie Linkous
Raymond & Linda Linkous
Isaac & Adella Linkous
Leroy & Delois Lawson
Gladys Thacker
Reba & Randall Good
Natasha Good
Kim & Randy Arnold & Family
Tracy Arnold
Kevin Arnold
Tracy & Randy Drummonds
Brent Warner & Family

"Confess your faults one to another, and pray for one another, that  ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. "
James 5:16